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Igloolik is a community situated about 350 km North of the Arctic Circle in the Qikiqtani Region of Nunavut. In the summer the sun is above the horizon for about six weeks. In winter there is no sun at all between November 29 and January 13. Break-up of the sea ice usually happens in the last week of July and the sea freezes over again by the end of October. Our nearest community is Hall Beach (Sanirajak) about 60 km to the South. 


Igloolik has a population of over 1,500, mainly Inuit, many of whom are active hunters. During the winter, the hunters travel on the land in search of caribou and over the sea ice and at the floe-edge hunting for seal and walrus. In summer they hunt seal, walrus and whales in the open water. Arctic char are caught in the ocean during the summer months and under the ice in the lakes throughout winter. 


Scroll through the photo-gallery below to get to know the wonders of the Igloolik area.

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